About Us

Judith Kelly + Associates is a community-minded, results-oriented marketing boutique where clients receive personalized, strategic communications counsel and support.

Clients receive advice and service directly from the founder and principal, Judy Kelly, who has decades of experience across all sectors. Judy and her team bring a personal touch and a critically strategic perspective to the work that nonprofit organizations need accomplished.

Judy’s Philosophy

Judith Kelly + Associates specializes in communications work with nonprofit clients. Recognizing staff and budget resource challenges in this sector, the team is able to offer the support needed in several different aspects of nonprofit marketing and communications. Judy values assisting a nonprofit organization in its goal to build not only its mission, but its internal capacity.

In today’s digital age, conversations about an organization’s mission and work occur across many platforms. A communications strategy is more critical than ever, so that organizations can build relationships that lead to community action, increased awareness of its cause, increased funding, and donations. Judith Kelly + Associates offers the expertise and experience needed to grow an organization’s relationships in an active and engaged way that will come with measured results.

Judy and her team help nonprofit organizations create and implement strategies in which they participate in the conversation both internally and externally, strengthening the organization’s reputation and relationships as a result. While the team primarily works with long-term clients, project assignments are taken on where Judith Kelly + Associates  believes it can contribute strategically.

What We Do

Judith Kelly + Associates helps an organization establish its position from planning through implementation of multi-channel strategic marketing and communications.

An organization can focus its messaging and enhance its relationships by utilizing social media as a listening tool, while simultaneously employing several other marketing and communications tools implemented by Judy and her team, including:

  • Establishing a client’s communications positioning and developing key messaging as part of a communications strategy
  • Developing marketing tactics that support the client’s positioning as part of a communications strategy
  • Managing media relations and creating publicilty opportunities as part of a communications strategy
  • Writing and overseeing production of collateral and other messaging tools as part of a communications strategy
  • Creating and managing events as part of a communications strategy