Our Work

Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force

When the state passed legislation that enabled gambling, the Mayor Tom Murphy convened a group of community leaders—the Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force (PGTF)—and chargedReport Card them to consider both the positive and negative effects a slots casino would have on the Pittsburgh region, and to suggest possible measures that might mitigate the negative and bolster the positive.  Judith Kelly + Associates was retained by PGTF to develop messaging, secure media coverage, and provide project management on events and presentations.   Asample of results delivered to the client includes:

  • Packaged an inconclusive interim report as a “Mid-Term Report Card” message and graphic that was used in print and online media outlets; add link to press coverage
  • Prepared talking points for co-chairs for all press events and broadcast interviews resulting from media pitches, ensuring consistent key points in all coverage;
  • Incorporated reference to secondary research regarding public’s opinions and concerns on gaming;
  • Wrote (for co-chairs) and placed “The best casino for Pittsburgh is…” Sunday OpEd piece in Post-Gazette.

From 2006

Power of 32

A 32 county, 4 state regional visioning initiative—Power of 32—was undertaken by multi-sector community leadership in spring 2009.  Judith Kelly + Associates was hired as the public relations firm charged with generating awareness of a process to create a shared vision across an area ten times the size of Rhode Island.   The assignment included designinScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.54.48 PMg the identity for the project, as well as writing copy for press materials, a program brochure, and the initial website. With a proposed decentralized strategy utilizing a team of field marketing agencies, Judith Kelly + Associates also was retained as the communications consultant for the Community Conversations phase of the initiative.  A sample of results generated for the client include:

  • Held editorial board meetings with staff and local Power of 32 Steering Committee member(s), resulting in more than 30 sessions and accompanying articles;
  • Achieved more than 25 million media impressions—or number of Touched—from a series of media placements and interviews;
  • Reached more than 3 million people three to five times in a concentrated period (Informed).

GPNP Rainy Day Rally  

A program of The Forbes Funds, the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) is a coalition of about 350 nonprofit agencies in the southwestern PennsyScreen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.17.17 AMlvania region dedicated to providing a unified voice for the nonprofit sector.  The governor’s proposed 2011-12 budget cuts in health and public welfare services activated the GPNP community to advocate for use of the state’s projected $500 million surplus to mitigate the impact of the budget decreases.  The client already had scheduled a “Rainy Day Rally” when Judith Kelly + Associates was retained to assist with media coverage of the event.  Several previous budget cut protest rallies had received media coverage. The challenge was to present the “Rainy Day Rally” in a fresh, newsworthy way. The sample outcome of the “Rainy Day Rally” project includes:

  • Packaged the information by quantifying what specific services would be lost by the people of Pittsburgh, which was a new approach to presenting the data;
  • Pitched interviews in advance of the rally, achieving a radio interview for the president of The Forbes Funds the morning of the event;
  • Crafted ten Tweets for use preceding and during the event, with specific data as presented in the media materials;
  • Secured an NPR radio interview and television appearance as a result of media calls following the event.

The Penn State Center Pittsburgh

The Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862 establied Penn State as one of the nation’s first and Pennsylvania’s only land grant institution.  Penn State has been delivering its land grant obligation of teaching, research, and service to the residents of Allegheny County for more than 100 years.  Educators and prDeno De Ciantisogram managers meet community needs in the areas of economic and community development; the environment and horticulture; and quality of life through youth programs, the arts, and healthfulness.  Judith Kelly + Associates serves as local communications consultant to the Penn State Center Pittsburgh, which is located at the Energy Innovation Center.  A sample of accomplishments JK+A has achieved include:

  • Proposed “land-grant obligation” positioning;
  • Crafted elevator speech and led staff training sessions to adapt messaging to individual programs;
  • Wrote, designed, and produced “Expert Bios” for Penn State Center Pittsburgh educators and program managers to present staff as media resources;
  • Achieved pubicity placements for Penn State Center events such as Tree-Tending (Pittsburgh Today Live), Master Gardener’s Annual Symposium (Pittsburgh Magazine); Urban agriculture (Essential Pittsburgh), and many others.

The Dignity & Respect Campaign

The Dignity & Respect Campaign began in 2008 as an internal initiative at UPMC and expanded to the Pittsburgh community in 2009.  Judith Kelly + Associates was hired in late 2009 to support the first Dignity & Respect Month observance and, subsequently, assisted in structuring the Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.27.29 PMDignity & Respect Champion program when it started in February 2010.  Since that time, more than 175 individuals—nominated by friends, colleagues, or associates—have been honored as a Dignity & Respect Champion by living a life that makes others feel valued and by embracing diversity, embodying compassion, and demonstrating mutual respect.   Monthly, since the first Dignity & Respect Champion award in February 2010, Judith Kelly + Associates has presented nominees, vetted candidates, interviewed awardees, prepared press releases and web copy, and generated media coverage.   Public relations services delivered to the client for the Dignity & Respect Champion program include:

  • Secured more than 100 media placements, including feature stories in major daily newspapers;
  • Wrote and distributed a monthly eNewsletter featuring the current Champion to a database that has grown to more than 7,000 contacts;
  • Planned, coordinated, and managed Dignity & Respect Salute to Champions Event from 2011 - 2016, which included invitations and RSVPs, participant coordination, on-site logistics, and program script.

Friends of the Riverfront

The City’s riverfronts have become an undisputed asset in the region’s quality of life.  The organization responsible for building and maintaining the 24-mile urban rail-trail along the FOR inforgraphicriverfronts—the Three Rivers Heritage Trail—is Friends of the Riverfront (FOR).  Since August 2014, Judith Kelly + Associates works with FOR, providing strategic planning, management consultation, media relations, website and social media management and other communications support and capacity-building.   The following presents a sample of results JK+A has generated:

  • Participated in the board of directors strategic planning process and developed three-year marketing goals;
  • Packaged and publicized the User Survey and Economic Impact Study conducted by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, bundling it with 2015 Opening Day for Trails, generating more than 18.5 million gross media impressions from media placements and interviews;
  • Crafted and submitted application to Urban Land Institute (ULI) Pittsburgh, which resulted in Friends of the Riverfront receiving the 2015 Placemaking Award for Excellence for a Healthy Place;
  • Provided strategic analysis of communications benefit of Pittsburgh Triathlon, and participated in the transfer of event production from Friends of the Riverfront to the Pittsburgh Marathon while maintaining beneficiary status.